Many of our friends and neighbors have visited China and are willing to share their experiences through their photographs. Each presenter will have five munites to show pictures and tell about a specific aspect of their Chinese experience.

Please 'Click' on links below to relive the slide shows and have an informative and fun Glimpse of China.

Also be avised that some of these file are very large and will take a long.... time to download or view.


Dick Heimburger- China Past and Present (very large)

Richard Wang - Shanghai in the 1970's

Betsy Phillips - Teaching Chinese English Teachers

Robin Walker - Making Connections

Lesley Sapp - Backpacking in Xinjiang

Bin Liu - Home for the Summer

Jim DeMian- A Chinese Experience

Tom Clevenger - a Business Opening

Jerry Connor - Conducting Business in China

Brain Gauler - Down the Yangtze


Pictures of the event!