Postmark deadline is April 20, 2007. For more information see:

Name of performer or group as you wish it to appear in Festival publicity
Name of director or contact person
Number of individuals in group
City, State, Zip
Describe your act or performance (for example, "punk bluegrass", "ragtime with rope tricks"). Why would your group be appropriate to represent Columbia at a festival in China?
Please give examples of your performance locations and venues, both local and distant.
What instruments or equipment are essential to your performance? What is needed in China?
Would we be able to hear you perform locally in April or May?

Application Checklist

   Fill out, print, and include this completed application
  Include one audio tape, CD, VHS tape, or DVD of performance.
  Please write group name and start point on media.
  Please include a sketch of performance layout with dimensions in feet or meters.
  If available, include photos or printed materials that further describe your group.
  If you want your materials returned, include a self-addressed mailer with adequate postage.
  Mail to:  M.J. Herde, 1708 Princeton Drive, Columbia, MO 65203
  Postmark deadline: April 20, 2007

Questions? Email: [Image]