Regular Meetings

Regular meetings: Columbia Friends of China has a planning meeting on the second Wednesday of each month, at 5 pm. This has been recently at the Asian Affairs Office, N49 Memorial Union, University of Missouri.

Here are links concerning previous years' planning:   2007   2008

March 11, 2009

Time: 5:00 pm
Place: Asian Affairs Office, N49 Memorial Union, University of Missouri

6 Attendees, some officers absent

1) The treasurer's report were read by Mary Jo. There is no change from Feb. 2009

2) Membership Meeting - Saturday April 11, 2009, from 12 - 2

Members present voted to change the date to April 11 (Saturday) and the format of a lunch picnic is suggested. A collaborative celebration with Columbia Chinese Christian Church was suggested. GJ will check with CCCC for the date of April 11 and whether they will be interested in joining us. A budget projected for 50 members for this event was proposed and approved. HM will check with Chen (Chinese Yo-Yo) and Li (children's dancing) and CCCC choir for program. Award certificates will be present to volunteers who have donated over 50 hours toward education in Columbia Public School. HM recommended the list should include Zeng, Wen, Wei, Li and Sung. HK Market gift cards were suggested for the first 3 awardees. Grant funding was recommended for Li and Sung. We should invite the Mayor to this event.

2) Funding/Grants

. LS submitted a request for a grant for a trip in April to Weifang Kite Museum in Shandong Provence. She will be meeting a Kite Master who is willing to visit Columbia in 2010. Her proposal including a DVD she will make to promote this special Chinese art to Columbians. She is also willing to work on a Kite Festival in April 2010.

. After discussion, the members voted to approve some funding toward her trip and for her to purchase several large kites that we can use to promote the kite festival next year. A kite with CFC logo will also be part of the purchase. We'll try to obtain more kites for raffles during the Dumpling Festival in October. Her responsibilities include a video on the kite master making and flying kites and the kite museum. She will present her program to CFC members after return from China.

. She also should explore and hopefully purchase key rings made with CFC logos in China

3) Kite Festival in 2010 - April 2010

. Members discussed LS's recommendation of hosting a Kite Festival in Columbia in 2010. Columbia Parks and Recreation department holds an annual Kite Flying contest in April. MJ suggested that we explore the possible of whether this event can also be a celebration for Columbia's Sister cities.

. Possible partners for this event can be MU, Stephens, Columbia College art departments, local artists, City of Columbia (P&R), Communication office (sister city), Boy Scout troops, public library and Columbia Public Schools.

. The Chinese Kite Master can make presentations on the history and the art of Chinese kites (to CPS students), offer kite making workshops (both adults -college art students and general public and children), an exhibition of kites (library)

. All Columbia sister cities organizations will be invited to participate (present their own special kites)

. MJ volunteered to help with this event. LS, HM and MJ will meet with P&R and others.

4) Taste of World at the Missouri Theater

. The Missouri Theater has invited Chinese group to participate in this event on Friday April 24. Yang Li is working on the 15 minute program. We will need to prepare some Chinese snacks prior to the performance. Dumplings are suggested. MJ, NW and JL will form a committee to recruit volunteer from CFC members to help. The dumplings probably will be pre-cooked at HM's house and keep it warm for the event.

. We will need a budget for purchase of frozen dumplings.

5) Others

. MU will celebrate Canadian day this week and the consulate of Canada is on campus for a visit. Canada government also funding the Canadian Study Center at MU. NG suggested that maybe we could invite Chinese consulate to come to MU and work toward a possible funding for a Chinese Study Center - something worthy thinking about!

. NW suggests that CFC consider buying mugs with our logo on it as a fund raising item. MJ offers to look into the price and quantity needed to get a discount. HM suggests that Lillian check into getting some key chain with CFC logo made in China.

Meeting was adjoined at 6:30 pm. Notes submitted by HM and reviewed by NW.

April 1, 2009

Time: 5:00 pm
Place: Asian Affairs Office, N49 Memorial Union, University of Missouri

Meeting minutes and Treasurer's Report

Membership Meeting: Saturday, April 11 from 12 to 2 pm, at the Columbia Chinese Christian Church, Intersection Grindstone Parkway and Rock Quarry Road.

Education: Over 250 volunteer hours in from Jan 2008 to March 2009. There will be a tea party for volunteer teachers at HM's house on Sunday April 5.

Kite Festival: Planning meeting Monday April 6, 2 pm, at Columbia Visitor Center. Note that the annual Kite Flying Contest will be held in Douglas Park on Saturday April 4 from 12 - 2 pm.

Programs for 2009:

  • Membership Meeting. Saturday April 11, 12-2, Columbia Chinese Christian Church.
  • Chris Chen ("the Yo-Yo Man!") will perform on Pepper and Friends on April 15, 11 am., and at Taste of the World.
  • Taste of the World. Friday April 24, 5:30 pm, Missouri Theater. Organized by Yan Li. Need volunteers to cook dumplings in afternoon and serve in evening at theater.
  • St. Louis Botanic Garden Chinese Culture Day, Sunday April 26.
  • Nelson Gallery in Kansas City. Date to be determined.

Newsletter / Website. From February 2007 to March 2009, 39,715 people have viewed the Pepper and Friends "Making Dumplings" video on YouTube.