Planning Meetings 2007

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Jan 9, 2007

Columbia Friends of China had a fantastic first year. We are looking at an even more exciting 2nd year. Laoshan sent their plans for exchange activities and we hope we can make these plans into reality.

  • Draft of Newsletter
  • Holiday greetings from Wang Weida in Laoshan.
  • Kansas City Friends of China will have a fund raiser at the KC International Hotel on Sunday February 18 at 5:30.
  • Membership Appreciation Night for 2007: Thursday Feb 8, 6 pm.
  • Treasurer report and budget for 2007
  • Request for donation for China Night
  • Website
  • PO Box # 30131, Columbia, MO. 65205
  • New Brochures
  • Laoshan physicians visit to Missouri ~ April 2007 – Dr. Heimburger
  • Cultural exchange – MO group to Laoshan Beer festival ~ Fall 2007
  • Education – school to school links, Chinese language in Public schools, Adult education, summer camp
  • Tour of China – A taste of China (tentative dates Oct. 13 to Oct. 26)
  • Fund raising – Membership, dumpling festival, grants

Jan 24, 2007

  • Plan Member Appreciation Day event. This event is scheduled for Feb 8, 6-8 pm at International Community Church.
  • Membership & board – election in 2008
  • Culture committee – we will sponsor a music group to Qingdao Beer Festival in August; Tao musicians possible in 2008 concert series; Tai-Chi workshop in April; KC New Year celebration and fund raising for tea house and Chinese garden; Tour of China (both in May and in October).
  • Education committee – Adult education 2 courses start in Feb. We may offer 1 day Chinese language experience to 6th graders in the fall. We have a teacher who is willing to set up class exchange with Laoshan.
  • Exchange with Laoshan – summer camp possible in 2007, invitation to Laoshan doctors sent
  • Fund-raising – dumpling festival, banquet in planning
  • Currently we have 53 paid members and about 90 friends in our database.
  • All currently paid members term will not expired until the end of 2007. All members will receive a membership card in Chinese red envelopes. Members will get first crack of tickets to events like China Night and China tours.
  • L. will write member’s name in Chinese at request. She also will prepare art work with Chinese zodiac signs to sell at the event. Part of the proceeds will be donated to CFC.
  • Updated brochures.
  • CFC Souvenir pins.

Feb 14, 2007

  • Member appreciation night report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Members inputs are needed to select a local music group to Beer Festival in Laoshan. Schedule: Announcement – Feb/March; Application – April/May; Selection by a panel – June; Legal Contract – responsibility and commitment.
  • Many upcoming Chinese Cultural events:
    • March 10 – China Night (60 tickets will be available for members)
    • March 17 – Mid-Missouri Chinese Association New Year Party
    • April 6 -8 - Essential Taichi and Erhu performance
    • April 9 – Beijing Opera (Jesse Hall)
    • April 22 - Asian American Awareness Week, many activities.
  • Education: Progress with Columbia Public Schools; Help needed in seeking and applying for grants; Summer Camp.
  • Medical personnel exchange

March 12, 2007

  • Selection of a music group to Beer Festival in Laoshan (Mary Jo & Carol)
  • Education Committee – update of Chinese language teaching at Columbia schools
  • Medical Exchange with Laoshan
  • Saturday April 7 Reception for Erhu (classical Chinese string instrument) concert by Yang Ying.
  • April 2 presentation on Beijing Opera as introduction to performance on April 9.

April 11, 2007

  • Treasurer's Report
  • Selection of music group for Laoshan: 4 groups have applied so far
  • Education committee: Presentations to Columbia 6th graders to start in Sep 2007. Everyone, be alert for activities, materials, games.
  • Reception for 4/7 Erhu concert and concert itself very well received
  • Presentation for 4/9 Beijing Opera and the show itself were also well received
  • HM to China for two weeks. Will stop in Laoshan, meet new Laoshan district director, shop for educational materials such as in China Sprout catalogue.
  • Columbia and area sponsors a number of outreach efforts to China or with China visitors here: ENTECH, REDI, TOEFL, Mongolian visitors. Several Columbia people or organizations going to China soon.
  • Information on "Taste of China" tour. Discounts for 6 or more.
  • Next meeting: May 9th at International Community Church

May 9, 2007

  • Treasurer’s report (our plans for audit)
  • Selection of a music group to Beer Festival in Laoshan (Mary Jo & Carol) – we have two finalists. A decision will be made soon.
  • New Business - Hsiao-Mei’s April visit to Laoshan
  • Cultural exchange activities – Tao orchestra plan trip to Missouri, our music group to Beer Festival, art exhibition, quilt exhibition in China
  • Educational exchange activities – middle school & high school sisters links. Columbia Public and Private schools plan to teach Chinese. Come and see the new language tools Hsiao-Mei brought back from China.
  • Medical exchange activities – Laoshan’s interests in community medicine, hospital management & infectious diseases.
  • May 15th Slide presentation on plans for October “Taste of China” tour by Lillian Sung – May 15th at 7 pm at ICC.
  • Next meeting scheduled on June 13th (Wednesday) at 4 pm (International Community Church) but it may change.